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Make Stunning and Quick Videos from Images

The rapid development of smartphones and digital cameras has made capturing photos simpler than ever before. As a result, we have more photographs stored on our laptops or mobile phones than we could ever publish on our social media accounts.

The best way to showcase this collection of photos is to turn them into a dynamic video and bring them to life with stylish text and transitions. Simply add your pictures to the online video creation tools and quickly re-arrange the images to tell your story.

As easy as it sounds, this process needs professional-grade video editing tools to let your imagination come alive. The internet is brimming with tons of options that can make this simple choice a strenuous task.

To put things simply, we have compiled a list of some handy tools and tips to help you make a fantastic video. Select any of the below-mentioned options and turn your images into a video without any hassle.

Make Stunning and Quick Videos from Images

Essential Tips To Makes Your Video Look Good

Before we get into the list of the best image video makers, let’s look at a few essential tips to add a realistic touch to your videos and make them stand out.

Adjust your images

While creating videos from images, make sure your pictures look their best. This will ensure a more polished result. For this, you need to edit the image and correct several things, including exposure, focus and size. Move, crop, zoom in or rotate photos and make them look the way you want. You can make the videos more dynamic by adding photo collages or fast bursts of the image. Do everything it takes to convert images to video and start working on the project.

Keep your video style in mind

Before using templates, transitions, effects and music, one must consider their video style and make sure everything syncs. Think about the look of your video first. Do you want it to be more professional or casual? After you have decided this, choose the template and transition that best reflects the theme you have in mind.

Don’t forget to add text to enrich your video

Words added to your images let the audience know what you exactly want to convey. You can simply change the font and color of the text to match your images and add context to your video.

A Guide To The Best Video Makers To Try Out

Here, we cover the five best picture video maker options to meet all your video editing requirements.

1. Animoto

Animoto is decked up with plenty of video templates that make it easy to create videos from photos. It is named among the best tools to create professional videos for work and business, and offers limitless possibilities.

With their built-in library of millions of photos, video clips, and graphics, one can simply save time and money. Set the mood with one of the 3,000+ licensed songs and create an engaging video in no time. This tool uses a drag-and-drop feature, so you can easily upload your images into an easy-to-use template and start working on them.

2. Camtasia

It is probably the most accessible video editing tool that enables users to produce a stunning video without being professional video editors. It lets you add remarkable animations, transitions, effects, music, and more to make your video eye-catching.

Created by TechSmith, this tool suite is the best all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. However, Camtasia is not free and is thus not appropriate for those looking for an accessible or cost-effective solution.

3. InVideo

Referred to as the best picture video maker, it helps you create stunning videos with premium templates and music. This video editor is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals, and this video editor features 5,000+ readymade templates that fit every project and style.

It offers several customizable options that allow you to alter everything, from captions, music, theme and images, to logos, to sync with your video requirements. With a simple drag-and-drop function, this offers users complete control and flexibility.

The best part is that it works across all languages. In addition to images, it can automatically convert any text into video. The tool has a natural-sounding voice that reads the word and selects images that go well with the text.

4. Shotcut

Packed with exciting effects, Shotcut is simple to master to turn your photos into videos with minimal effort. The best thing about this clip maker is that it isn’t cluttered with complicated tools that you won’t even need.

Shotcut is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, so you can download it without bothering your operating system. This time-saving tool is unlikely to crash and ensures that you won’t have to spend time re-importing the images if something goes wrong.

The project files in Shotcut are saved in the MLT format, and you can re-open and continue editing them whenever you want. This tool automatically puts brief gaps between the photos to avoid clutter. It is fully customizable and lets you add filters to a different image.

5. Clipchamp Create

This online video maker empowers users to create incredible videos in minutes. It features hundreds of customizable templates to edit and add effects to videos. This one-stop Videomaker has a built-in webcam, video resizer and screen recorder, so you don’t need additional equipment to complete the project.

The best part is that Clipchamp Create allows you to produce professional videos for free. It offers all the video editing options, from trimming, speed controls to filters, and titles in one place. Its flexible timeline controls allow you to create videos without any guesswork.


There you have it. We hope you find our guide informative and helpful. All of the options mentioned above are feature-rich, and are worth giving a try. Choose the option that suits your budget, preference and video editing needs, and get started.

(Nah, sekarang dirimu jadi tahu cara cepat membuat video dari gambar/foto dengan hasil yang menakjubkan! Semoga panduan ini dapat membantu dan bermanfaat. Karena, semua opsi yang disebutkan tadi fiturnya lengkap sehingga patut dicoba. Tinggal sesuaikan saja dengan anggaran, preferensi, dan kebutuhan pengeditan videomu, dan segera mulai saja! Semangaaat ya!💖)

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