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Guide to Shapewear Matters in Fashion Right Now

Women have been using shapewear for centuries and corsets or girdles were what helped them achieve the most coveted shape of the time. The manufacturing technology for shapewear has improved over time and thanks to the breakthroughs in fabric and design, women just cannot get enough of shapewear now. This slimming foundation wear can sculpt the body better than ever.

Wardrobe malfunction such as visible panty lines or unsightly bulges over the top of the body shapers are kept to a minimum thanks to the targeted panels, power mesh and invisible bonded edges that keep everything feeling incredibly smooth. There are many different types of shapewear in the market today that includes full bodysuits, control camisoles, sculpting short and panties and many more. Shapewear can provide the smoothest look possible under your clothes and even make you look one to two sizes smaller. Waistdear, one of the best shapewear and waist trainer vendors has a wide range of size inclusive, confidence-boosting body shapers.

Trending Shapewear You Need To Know

Now that you have an idea of what shapewear can do, here are some of the best shapewear for women you can get your hands on. No matter if you want it for a special occasion or just daily use, Waistdear has got you covered. You can even read up on the waistdear reviews to find out more.

Waist Trainer of Waist Cincher

A waist trainer can smooth the tummy, cinch the waist and also smooth out the back at the same time. It can be worn with any tight fitting outfits that call for smooth lines and extra shaping. This waist trainer with 15 built-in steel bone can effectively shape the midsection and cinch the waist with its two layer compression without any back or bra bulges. Plus the higher front, sides and back design eliminates the gap between the bra and the cincher so back fat cannot protrude, thus creating a slimmer silhouette.

image from: https://www.waistdear.com/products/wholesale-hourglass-figure-shaping-waist-trainer-with-15-built-in-steel-bone

Shapewear Dress

When you want an all-over smoothing from the neck down to the knees, a shapewear dress is your best option. This sustainable V neck long sleeve shaper dress will give you a nice clean line, and is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. The best thing is that a shapewear dress reduces layers because it already has built-in support that hugs and outlines your figure. With 360 degree waist and tummy control that will target your abdomen, waist and hips, there is an even stronger woven panel in front to hold in your tummy. It is very effective and can make you look like you have dropped a whole dress size.

image from: https://www.waistdear.com/products/wholesale-seamless-v-neck-long-sleeve-outerwear-waist-trimming-dress

Everyday Shaping Leggings

Who doesn't love a garment that can do double-duty? Obviously leggings are a wardrobe staple. This eco-friendly wholesale shapewear outerwear will literally molds to your body like a second skin and its abdominal double layer shaping panels help sculpt the body perfectly. Best of all, it has a butt lifting design that contours the curves and non slip waist design.

image from: https://www.waistdear.com/products/wholesale-eco-friendly-seamless-everyday-shaping-pant

Tummy Control Panties

Let your briefs pull their weight by doing more than just offering coverage. This pair of high waisted version secretly helps to slim the middle with a high compression right up to under the bra line, while at the same time, sculpting the waist. Meticulously crafted, this underwear accentuates the natural silhouette with gentle contouring while ensuring you remain comfortable all day. It has spiral steel bones to prevent rolling down.

image from: https://www.waistdear.com/products/seamless-plus-size-butt-lifter-high-waist-breathable

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  1. mbaaaa aku jadi mupeeenggg ini.
    belakangan ini, perutku nampak njenduulll klo dipoto.
    kayaknya ini bisa jadi solusi jituuu

    makasii mbaaaa

  2. Wah, cakep cakep ini
    Aku ngincer legging nya
    Pasti kece klo pakai legging ini buat nge gym

  3. Wah, bisa jadi solusi instan supaya kelihatan lebih kurus ketika hasil program diet masih ditunggu penampakan progresnya ya, Kak. Hehe.

  4. I think I need that shaping legging for workout. Must be comfortable to move with that shapewear.

  5. Oh, the brand is Waistdear...
    So far, when I wear shapewear, I like to feel sultry and yes, it doesn't feel like my body. But it's different when it's created with comfort in mind. So it makes women more confident too when using shapewear.

  6. Bikin body terlihat lebih proporsional ya pakai ini. Yang badan agak lebar dan berisi, jadi enak dilihat. Produk yang nyaman juga kelihatannya pas dipakai. Recomended nih.

    1. Suka yang shape biar body jadi terbentuk.. apalagi habis melahirkan

  7. Wah aku suka banget sama pakaian yang jatuhnya bisa bikin lekuk tubuh keliatan proporsional begini. Apalagi kalau bahannya nyaman di tubuh.

  8. jadi cakep gitu ya setelah pake shapewears, bagi aku yang perut melar setelah melahirkan bisa jadi jalan ninja nih agar terlihat langsing dan perut kembali seperti semula

  9. Shapewear is useful to help getting us back in shape quickly :) Lucky that now Waistdear exist to assist woman with this. I'm quite curious with the legging though, it seems nice to wear and comfy enough to fit in our thigh and legs.

  10. Shapewear dress ini tentunya bisa membantu para wanita agar lebih pede dengan bentuk tubuhnya

  11. I think we need shapewears to keep our body goal, hhe. And shapewears like a legging can be used to workout.

  12. waah bagus juga pakaian shapewear begini yaa...tambah keren karena ecofriendly..jadi keren tanpa mengabaikan lingkungan...mantaapp

  13. Wah produknya keren banget, saya jadi pengen beli leggingnya buat olahraga pasti anti gerah nih karena terbuat dari bahan yang berkualitas.

  14. Jadi pengen beli, perut lumayan glambir sejak melahirka, di beberapa model baju jd ga pede pakenya

  15. Brillian work for shaping our body. Kudu konsisten pake shapewear begini nih kalau mau dapat bodygoal, jangan cuma 2 jam sehari kaya akuuu...pantes aja ambrol lagi ambrol lagi perutnya, wkwkwk

  16. Makai ini berasa jadi lebih slim ya mbak sukaa banget deh jadi pengen beli juga

  17. I need shapewear too. After giving birth to my daughter my stomach is full of fat. And because of that reduce my confidence :(

    So I want to shapewear not only for my appearance but also to build my dream body.

  18. My wish is having the ideal body after giving birth in August. I think shapewear is what i looking for